"Creating Climate Wealth" by Lutz Engelke

Lutz Engelke - Berlin - 17.07.2012 - english

Why "Creating Climate Wealth" in Berlin?

Why enter into a partnership with the CWR? 

Everyone is talking about climate change. But the first step in that direction means: climate change in the economy. We of Triad Berlin, in cooperation with international partners, contribute to the search for answers to the simple question: How do you make money with climate change? In this regard, we are not coming up with any grand new hypothesis; rather, we are developing ideas for the creation of wealth. That is because change at a larger scale will only happen, if unexpected synergies translate into new business models.


For this to become reality, we need innovations, smart people, and new alliances that go beyond the well-worn paths. In this venture, we have found a strong, globally acting partner in the Carbon War Room (CWR), an NGO founded by Richard Branson and some of his friends. The format we chose is a business model conference for Berlin. It will move on to other parts of the world afterwards. Earlier meetings have already taken place in Washington D.C. and in London.


Just as others, we are convinced that in the next couple of years a “climate change market,” that has potentials that are still grossly underestimated, will develop, in fact has to develop. We want to play our part in creating a second German economic miracle (“Wirtschaftswunder”) by bringing together strong points of this country – an engineering culture, a spirit of innovation, a strong small and middle-sized firms sector (“Mittelstand”), ecological sensibility, civilization criticism, skills of reflection – with the entrepreneurial virtues represented by the CWR to make use of the enormous financial potential that comes along with the urgently needed “great transformation,” so that we can secure the survival of our wealth in the 21st century: here and elsewhere.


It is true that many people want to reduce CO2 emissions. But in our view, this is only possible if the ecological goals are supported by economic perspectives. That has been one of the lessons learned via the Rio+20 conference and other government initiatives. All of this is reflected in the current communication offensive that Germany’s new Minister of the Environment has launched. We intend to take Germany at its word: The power of innovation and the future-oriented momentum of the last twenty years have to be combined with international partners now. This could lead to a new synergy between the creative industry and the small and middle-sized firms sector.


“In this context, we regard the fight against climate change as the biggest opportunity to create wealth in this century,” as Richard Branson has put it so succinctly. Lowering the consumption of energy by industry, reducing the use of fossil fuels massively, refurbishing buildings, ships, truck tractor trains etc. from an energy-efficient perspective, using bio-fuels for airplanes, developing new financial instruments….: We are cooperating with the CWR to assemble private capital, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to civilizational goals on these topics for two days in Berlin. This is supposed to lead to ideas, concepts, and partnerships that have a relevant leverage effect both economically and ecologically.


For this purpose, we are looking for committed minds and partners who join us in spreading the word: The “Great Transformation” is necessary and possible. But numerous and high barriers that are blocking the way do exist. We believe in the economic leverage effect and we cooperate on this in global partnerships.


I would be delighted, if you were interested in infusing your own business ideas into this project and in disseminating them by networking with other partners. That is because what is new is always coming from the margins.



Lutz Engelke

CEO of Triad Berlin

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